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How To Eliminate Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Absolutely miraculos solution and very easy to apply…
2012 TWS Cheryl Richardson

Please let us know what it did for you here

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The Strangest Secret For You

Here the strangest secret for your success. Earl Nightingale was really ahead of his time.

Key to success: “We become what we think about.”

So what does that mean? Well we better control our thinking…right?

You want to get rid of pain, anxiety, struggle, problems?

What do you think happens when you have thoses things non stop in your mind?

Well, yes you are right, you will have more of them…

What can we do now? Do you have any idea? Let us know in the comment below your suggestions…

Do you want some great tips? Read one of the must have books on our site, or download the outstanding free Audios that help you to take control over your thoughts right here…or if you wish so, take an appointment with us to get individual coaching right now. Because it`s time now to take control over your thoughts, NOW

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Happy Ending…Dream Big…

Listen to this beautiful music and start dreaming what your happy ending looks like, write it down and let us know in the comments below…
Dream, dream big, if you want to learn how to dream bigger and bigger, then instantly contact us…

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Happy Mothers Day To All Marvelous Mothers All Over The World

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Cure Yourself of Excusitis

Have you ever wondered why 2 human beings with exactely the same illness have a totally different outcome? Well I have and see it in my daily work I do with my patients since over 25 years

In one of the books I recommend highly I found some great quotes I want to share with you because they say exactely what I came to in my research with beautiful wordings, it`s “The Magic Of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz:

“And each time the victim makes the excuse , the excuse becomes embedded deeper within his subconscious. Thoughts, positive or negative, grow stronger when fertilized with constant repetition. At first the victim of excusitis knows his alibi is more or less a lie. But the more frequently he repeats it, the more convinced he becomes that it is completely true, that the alibi is the real reason for his not being the success he should be.

Procedure One, then, in your individual program of thinking yourself to success, must be to vaccinate yourself against excusitis, the disease of Continue reading

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7 Steps to VivaPassionality Step 7

Last but not least…

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7 Steps How To Live VivaPassionality Step 6

How to put yourself instantly in a positive mood;-)

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Happy Easter, Happy Days and Happy Life…

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7 Steps How To Live VivaPassionality Part 5

Read books for personal development and motivation and listen to audios for personal development and motivation…

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